The recent economic slump has left many professionals reeling from the aftershock. Most of them either lost their jobs or face stagnation in their pay as organizations try cutting costs to stay afloat. One of the industries that has not been affected adversely is the health industry. If you are thinking of which career to take, many options lie within this broad field. In addition, if your current profession is not fulfilling, then the health sector is where you need to be especially if you have a heart for helping others. In either case, you need to have bachelors in heath science degree for you to start your new career.

A bachelors of health science is aimed ta preparing you for different career options in the health sector. You will be trained on basic health care, communication of information to the public and implementation of research into practice. In addition, you also gain skills on leadership, teamwork building and problem solving within a health care environment. Through the bachelors in heath science degree, you can join one of the fields in health care such as nursing, medical research, healthcare management among others. Some of the courses in bachelors of Science in Health Science include medical ethics, healthcare information systems, counseling, budgeting, statistics and caulcus, anatomy, nursing among others.

If you are joining the undergraduate program from high school, you will be investing in one of the most marketable careers. The US bureau of Statistics indicates that the health sector careers will keep rising over the next 10 years from 2010 due to an aging population. This means you have a better chance of landing a job in this sector than any other. The report of 2008 indicated that this sector provided 14.3 million jobs for wage and salary workers while predicting the sector would provide more than 3.2 million new workers between 2008 and 2018. The health professionals are also well paid with indicating their annual pay ranges from $20,000 to $100,000. The US Bureau of Labor statistics indicate that health care managers are the best paid in the sector. The profession is also fulfilling as it involves caring for people who at times are helpless.

If you are a working professional, getting a Bachelors in health science will be an additional tool to increase marketability. Today, you do not have to worry about how to get your training because online degree programs are now all over and they are convenient and cheaper. More importantly, the course duration is shorter unlike the on-campus training that takes 4 years to complete. Different colleges offer different learning options and it is up to you to compare and pick the program that is most convenient.

When searching for an institution always check their accreditation by various governmental bodies to ensure your certificate will be recognized. In addition, search for testimonials from previous students and educational experts through reviews which are easily available online. Knowing the entry requirements such as the subjects needed including biology, chemistry, maths and English is very important too. The cost of training varies depending on the institution hence it is advisable to compare the rates. Whatever the case, do not fail to take a chance in the heath sector through a bachelors of science in health science.