Public health is undoubtedly a rapidly growing career industry with increased employment opportunities, a growing population, and advancement in development. The industry is not just making tiny baby steps towards progress, it is making enormous leaps; and jobs in traditional public health roles are not only available, but there are now new positions that need fulfillment as it catches up with technology.

For this, we turn to education. Desirable candidacy does not only involve experience – though it certainly plays a hefty role. Nowadays, it is about utilization of knowledge and understanding to make advancements in any field. For the nurse wishing to further her career, obtaining an online Public Health degree will largely impact progression.

People who choose careers in Public Health benefit from a broad range of career opportunities. Some professional fields available include: Health Service Administration, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Health Science, Behavioral Science, International Health, Environmental Health, Public Health Practice, Program Management, Nutrition, and Biomedical Laboratory Analyst.

Those who choose to work in any of these fields or more are held responsible for studying, determining, and analyzing strategies and solutions for a wide range of health issues that pertain to healthcare access, the control of infectious diseases, reduction of environmental health hazards, and reduction in violence and substance abuse. Moreover, Public Health officials face lower employment rates than any other industry field. Job Bank USA has said that average unemployment in public health is only at 2%. Kaiser Health News reports a growth in public health sectors compared to other career industries. More importantly however, even in a stable job sector, candidates with degrees score the most opportunities.

From highly specialized public health fields to broaden health administration sectors, career opportunities are limitless. As was found by a recent survey of public health graduates conducted nationwide by ASPH, new graduates land jobs within one year of getting their public health degree. Such people pave the way to successful Public Health careers with the promise of salaries ranging from $31,500- $143,700.

Unfortunately, for those who have already begun their careers in the medical healthcare industry, it is difficult to lay aside time and money to purse an additional degree in Public Health. Classes, study groups, and assignments are time consuming and demand a lot from prospective students, especially those with obligations to their jobs and families. In these situations, interested people can obtain their degrees through flexible online programs. The pursuit of an online Public Health degree solves issues regarding time management. The class sessions and projects that drain students in a traditional school setting are eliminated and schoolwork can flex from chat sessions with fellow students in an unbound online environment. This meshes perfectly for students whose lives require their time for other things.

With a diversely rich pool for Public Health career opportunities, the time is now for taking advantage of all and any advance degree prospects available. The simple verdict is this: An individual who invests their time in degree advancement is the individual who increases job opportunity and stability. The individuals with a degree in Public Health set the bar in the Public Health industry and are the ones to follow.